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Where Do Babies Come From ?

It is the question many parents fear most. What and how much should one say?

Answer these most important questions with this first interactive sexual education app for children that want to know how things really work. Beautiful illustrations, fun characters, and playful animation make this an engaging learning experience.

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Clementine Wants to Know...
Where Do Babies Come From ?

Recommended for ages 5-12

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Meet Clementine !

She’s a precocious six-year-old dynamo with an outsized curiosity about the world around her. When Clementine finds out she is having a baby brother, she embarks on a journey to learn where babies come from and what it’s like to be a big sister. Along the way, Clementine explores love and birth.


“Brilliantly designed and very useful”

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Why is this app important ?

Meg Hickling
Meg Hickling

C.M.,O.B.C., Ll.D.


App Content Specialist

Meg Hickling is a Registered Nurse who has been teaching sexual education for over 40 years. She is an outstanding educator, and her ability to convey difficult material with sensitivity, gentle humour and warmth distinguishes her as a remarkable teacher and role model.


Meg Hickling is the author of several books including:

Boys, Girls & Body Science: A First Book About Facts of Life

The New Speaking of Sex: What Your Children Need to Know and When They Need to Know It

Young children are like little engineers. They want to know " Exactly how does it work?"

This app has just the right mixture of story-telling and scientific facts to provide fun answers to " How did the baby get in there?” and "How will it get out?" It provides factual information for adults and for children. It opens the door to truth-telling and answering questions that will encourage life-long discussions in families.


Educated children feel more confident, are more willing to talk and ask questions in a more mature manner. They are also much better protected from sexual abuse and exploitation. Abusers seek uneducated children because they are so easily coerced or seduced into sexual activity and keeping it secret.

Some parents believe that innocence protects childhood. In fact, abuse destroys it. Factual, honest education protects it. Children who know the facts are much more likely to speak to their parents and disclose what happened.


I like the humour, the honesty and the portrayal of sexual activity as normal. As someone who has taught sexual health to audiences ranging  from preschoolers to grand-parents for close to forty years I am sure that you and your child will enjoy this app as a starter learning tool.

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