We create engaging learning experiences to promote exploration of the arts, music, geography and science.

BIRDHOUSE KIDS is a cross-platform publishing house located in Vancouver, on the beautiful west coast of Canada. We love to create special opportunities for parents and educators; New ways to introduce children to the things in life that will make them accomplished, healthy and happy. Whether it is making them excited about their first violin lesson, holding a camera for their first great snapshot, or understanding the importance of consent. At BIRDHOUSE KIDS we open a door to early-childhood discovery with an uncompromising and trusted series of books, apps and other empowering activities.


How we do it?

As storytellers, we understand that technology has become a highly dominant part of our children's lives in play and education. That is why we are dedicated to creating fun and engaging e-learning tools that keep a balance between the two. Using narrative-driven activities and lovable characters, we make the discovery of non-fiction content fun and engaging, and plant the seeds for life-long exploration.


Every game, lesson, book or show that we create at BIRDHOUSE is a collaboration of artists and educators who believe in high production values and excellent user experience as a base for engaging learning. We hope you and your kids or students can share time learning and playing with our products and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.


Clementine Wants to Know...

Sexual-Health Education  |  K-3

This interactive tool offers just the right mixture of storytelling and scientific facts to provide fun answers to " How the baby get in there?” and "How will it get out?" It provides factual information for adults and for children, with beautiful illustrations, fun characters, and playful animation that make this an engaging learning experience.

Navigate Life!

Mental Health | Social Emotional Learning  |  K-2

Navigate Life allows students to discover content through stories. By introducing recurring characters they can relate to, they are motivated to interact with the content and higher absorption and retention is achieved. Each Navigate Life lesson places the student in the decision making process and challenges him to evaluate real-life childhood situations.

Art Hipsters

Art Appreciation 6-8

By using an engaging storyline and characters they can relate to, children learn that art can help change how they look at the world. Looking for clues in artworks, they uncover new layers beyond the apparently obvious. Children will also learn to feel comfortable looking at art and visiting a museum, inspiring them to be curious about art and finding insight in the details. 

Harmony Rocks!

Music Education K-7

This cross-platform brand motivates musical training and introduces children to the rich world of Classical music. Musical education tools and content promote the activity of musical organizations at lower costs and bridge the gaps between culture and economic constraints on an accessible platform.

Kids Need to Know

Sexual-Health Education | Caregivers and Educators

Parents and caregivers now have the opportunity to introduce young children to the basics of sexual health and the importance of boundaries with the support of a rich deck of resources, eventually making their kids feel more secure, happy, and successful in their daily lives.

Miracles - Popup Bible Stories

Faith-Based Education | Ages 3-8

This series of beautifully-illustrated book apps is inspired by vintage pop-up books, giving kids lots of opportunities to interact. Children will love the characters and the story. Parents and grandparents will love its nostalgic style, as they share together their favourite Bible stories