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BIRDHOUSE Media is a cross-platform production house located in Vancouver, Canada. As storytellers, we understand that technology has become a highly dominant part of our children's lives in play and education. That is why we are dedicated to creating fun and engaging e-learning tools that keep a balance between the two. Every game, lesson, book or show that we create at BIRDHOUSE is a collaboration of artists and educators who believe in high production values and excellent user experience as a base for engaging learning. We hope you and your kids or students can share time learning and playing with our products and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.

We create engaging learning experiences to promote exploration of the arts and sciences.


The Fabulous Quintet

Music Education K-7

This cross-platform brand motivates musical training and introduces children to the rich world of Classical music. Musical education tools and content promote the activity of musical organizations at lower costs and bridge the gaps between culture and economic constraints on an accessible platform.

Clementine Wants to Know...

Sexual-Health Education K-3

This interactive tool offers just the right mixture of storytelling and scientific facts to provide fun answers to " How the baby get in there?” and "How will it get out?" It provides factual information for adults and for children, with beautiful illustrations, fun characters, and playful animation that make this an engaging learning experience.