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Dad reading the Science of Babies to his children

Empower children with knowledge - They are depending on us!


As 21st Century parents, we understand the importance of talking with our kids about issues related to sexuality and gender when they are still little. We want to make sure they feel comfortable and confident reaching out to us whenever they have questions or concerns about their bodies, families, and the “facts of life.” Yet, many of us feel awkward or embarrassed and may not know how or when to start. 
It's a first-of-its-kind brand that offers parents, caregivers and teachers the tools and motivation they need to start the conversation. From inclusive books, to apps and even board games, we offer tools for families who are prepared to embrace this topic honestly and with excitement and joy.  

That's why we created Kids Need to Know


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The scientific name of different body parts
The Science of Babies book cover
The Science of Babies

A little board book for big questions about bodies, birth, and families. This fun and beautifully illustrated new board book will provide the perfect way to ease you and your child into those important conversations before the subject becomes taboo! Written by Deborah Roffman, MS, an award-winning nationally certified human sexuality educator, and illustrated by award-winner Frank Cable, in an inclusive and scientific way.

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Clementine Wants to Know logo
Where Do Babies Come From ?

The first interactive sexual education app for children that want to know how things really work. Beautiful illustrations, fun characters, and playful animation make this an engaging learning experience.

App showing where do babies come from
Recommended Guidance for Caregivers
The Science of Babies guide for parents
The Science of Babies - The Guide

Deborah Roffman

Want some ideas for making the most out of reading The Science of Babies with your child? Here are some useful page-by-page pointers by author Deborah Roffman.  Read the guide

Talk to me first book cover
Talk To Me First

Deborah Roffman

Nationally acclaimed educator and author, Deborah Roffman distills her more than thirty years of experience teaching kids—and their parents—into this indispensable guide, helping you to be your kids’ number one source for information and guidance on human sexuality. Roffman tackles everything from developmental stages to strategies for handling embarrassing or difficult conversations, offering the best ways to make sure you both keep talking (and listening). Learn more

Sex Positive Talks to have with kids book cover
Sex Positive Talks to Have With Kids

Melissa Pintor Carnagey LBSW


This bestselling comprehensive guide helps caregivers create the kind of bond that keeps kids safer, informed, and empowered in their sexual health. Melissa Carnagey, renowned sexuality educator for youth and families, walks you through over 150 conversation starters, reflection exercises, and activities you can begin implementing at every age and stage. Learn more

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