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Health Education Starts Early!

K-5 teachers and home-schooling parents can now offer their students a new comprehensive program of culturally responsive lessons that help students feel healthy, confident and connected. Participating and sharing experiences through an online interactive eLearning experience makes it easier to accept new ideas and concepts.


Story Driven and Curriculum-Based

Navigate Life allows students to discover content through stories. By introducing recurring characters they can relate to, they are motivated to interact with the content and higher absorption and retention is achieved. Each Navigate Life lesson places the student in the decision making process and challenges him to evaluate real-life childhood situations.



Playing Safe  Respecting Physical Space  Eating Healthy  Physical Activity  Managing Emotions  Conflict Resolution  Emergency Safety  Alcohol Prevention  Family Life


By applying game elements such as puzzles, treasure hunts and rewards, students are significantly more motivated and engaged in the eLearning lessons. Navigate Life implements a friendly user-experience that is familiar to children from games they play and the digital world they were born into.


Navigate Life is a new approach to Health Education developed by Birdhouse Kids Media. The online program is engaging for young learners and meets their expectations but is also efficient in delivering the educational messages as defined by the local school curriculum. Learn more about our program:

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